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Via Eustachi 23, 20129 Milan IT

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Via Eustachi 23, 20129 Milan IT

+39 0229414814



Via Ciro Menotti 9, 20129 Milan IT

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About us

MARIOS is an independent brand based in Milan and is distributed across Europe, Asia and America. MARIOS was born in 2002 out of an idea of Greek Cypriot designer Mayo Loizou and Polish performer Leszek Chmielewski; and it opened the first flagship store in Tokyo between 2001 and 2005 MARIOS LEFT TANKER, with the partnership of a Japanese investor.


For MARIOS fashion is the result of the balance between aesthetics and functionality. Its garments are contemporary, often transformable and multifunctional, and for everyday use. MARIOS’s approach to design is simple and rational, demonstrating a conceptual idea of fashion intended for conscious consumers who use clothing as a form of narration of their personalities. Multiculturalism, experimentation as an intellectual and practical approach to design and attention to the phenomena generated by counterculture make MARIOS a manifesto of aesthetic signs brought from the street and of the most interesting artistic currents. Collaborating extremely contemporary artists and brands has been a fundamental part of MARIOS's identity since its inception; and each collection includes a capsule generated together with a contemporary artist. MARIOS collections randomly associate suggestions from fashion, art and photography, have streetwear backgrounds, no trend, are timeless, sexless and ageless.


Mayo Loizou – Creative Director and Designer of MARIOS. Born in Cyprus, he moved to Milan in 1992 where he graduated in Fashion Design at the Marangoni Institute. After some experience as designer of accessories and knitwear for luxury brand in 2002 he founded MARIOS with Leszek Chmielewski.

Leszek Chmielewski – Product Manager and Managing Director of MARIOS. Born in Poland, he moved to Italy to sign up for Paolo Grassi Academy of Dramatic Arts where he graduated in 1997. Director and choreographer, he joined the Cesare Ronconi Theater Company of Valdoca. In 2002 he founded MARIOS with Mayo Loizou.

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We believe in creation resilience independence   art unicity  culture quality and manufactory.



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