After graduating from The Marangoni Institute Of Fashion in the 90s, Annette fell in love with the city of Milan and decided to make it her Home.

The Magnet project emerged as a result of the long-term global Covid-19 pandemic and predicament in Europe; as a whole. There was something healing about creativity, and with it came great enthusiasm, regeneration and, most of all…. Joy.
The Word Magnet has a double entendre: firstly, it contains the abbreviation of Annette’s name (Annette=Anet=mAGNET) and secondly: the fastening method she selected for her Jewelry creations.

“In Italy everyone calls me Anet, because the name “Annette” is not common here. So… why not take advantage of it?!”.

The choice of the magnetic clasp was based on Annette’s inspiration to replace tradition and give it an added umph; it also gave it an added value: Appeal.
The materials she uses are mostly stainless steel, as she herself suffers from Metal Allergy.